- August
Posted By : Kaira King

From the 22 to 23rd of August SWID staff and Board of Governors have been having a training on Understand the policies and the 5 year strategic plan. This training has been very productive especially when the Staff got to learn about individual characters through the Myers Briggs Indicator . The staff got to understand themselves and how they can use that to improve their work , they also got to learn how to adjust where it doesn’t come natural to them most importantly they got to learn about fellow staff and how they can work together for a better working environment.

This is a new chapter for SWID as they start running a marathon to implement the 5 year strategic plan upholding the vision and mission about land, land tenure and adequate shelter for every woman. We as SWID appreciate all our partners, donors and Funders who make it possible for us to solve land , land tenure and inadequate housing problems for the women in the communities we operate in.


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