Slum Women’s Initiative for Development (SWID) is a grassroots community based non-governmental organization that was started in 2003 by Director Joyce Nangobi and a small group of 30 passionate grassroots women in the Walukuba-Masese Division of Jinja, Uganda.
SWID promotes the development of community structures in slum and rural areas to enable poor people own and access land, shelter and basic services in order to improve their overall well-being.

Our mission is to strengthen and mobilize the voice, visibility and collectively organize power of women in Busoga Region through changing norms, institutions, policies and practices that perpetuate inequality and violence in both public and private spaces. 
SWID was born at the time the Masese-Walukuba community was in the event of selling off the houses that were formally owned by Jinja Municipal Council, a situation that also resulted into land grabbing.  This kind of condition was as a result of traditional beliefs that denied women the right to inherit land and property after losing their spouses or parents, discrimination and stigma among HIV positive women, a wide gap between leaders and community members, and a lack of knowledge of their legal rights.
SWID is committed to ensuring that issues to do with land governance, regardless of how complex and multidimensional they are should be dealt with using a holistic approach. Land is more than a simple economic asset; it also has social and cultural value and functions. Different contexts have different patterns of land use and land holding, which are influenced by the political system, as well as geographical, economic, social, cultural and historical dimensions.
Ms Joyce Nangobi- Director of SWID