1. SWID empowers grassroots women economically through the Revolving Loan Fund. This fund was started in 2004 by the women themselves whereby women do save and borrow the money amongst themselves at a 2% interest rate. women do access loans to; purchase land, construct habitable shelter, startup or boost income generating activities and invest in profitable agriculture. The fund has benefited over 200 women.

Grassroots Save for Land, Housing and Agriculture.

2. SWID empowers grassroot women in different skill sets like value addition , livestock farming , agriculture for job opportunities and improve on their living standards.

Grassroot women learning best livestock farming practices.
Grassroot Woman from Kaliro District EKyebakola Otyime group Gadumile. Earns from adding value to cassava tubers and cassava flour making bagiyars and pancakes.
Nangobi Jovia From Kaliro District, Nansololo subcounty Kyisa Kyamukama farmers group.
A small holder farmer participating in cassava value addition and trade. she grows cassava with her group members harvest it well, dry it through the methods taught them by SWID then make high quality cassava flour from it after they make pancakes , donuts , starch, cakes and bagiyars for sell.


A grassroot women from one of the beneficiary groups Nambale Bugaga, Kamuli District  selling her value added products made from cassava flour.