SWID operates in communities which are vulnerable to climate change and disaster effects such as drought, hailstorms, strong winds, floods and famine as a secondary effect. Therefore, SWID equips grassroots women with skills in Climate Smart Agriculture and locally women led initiatives to adapt/mitigate climate change to ensure that communities are resilient through enhancing food, nutrition and income security. 847 grassroots women have benefited from 6 Sub-counties in Jinja District Uganda, 245 grassroot women in Kaliro District from 4 sub-counties  and 70 from kamuli District from 2 sub-counties .

Ms. Ndimukika Ruth A Resident of Buwagi Village in her climate resilient garden.
Ms. Nangobi Faridah Planted 10kgs and She Harvested 2000kgs of Maize
Ms. Namuli Hadija Earns From Fruit Growing
Naigaga Florence from Kaliro District Asobola women’s group in her cassava garden.