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Health and Home Based Care

The home based caregivers of SWID visit nearly 100 patients twice per month. The majority of women in the group are widows, single mothers, sole income earners and those living positively. They have mobilized simply because the need to assist the most vulnerable populations has not been met by the local government. SWID allocated part of its already overstretched programming budget to provide shoulder bags to the caregivers. In these the women carry a few first aid supplies-latex gloves, washing soap, alcohol, and brushes-and they wear an apron which immediately identifies them as home based caregivers. The Home Based care givers provide care and support to the terminary ill people such as PLWHA, diabetic people, people suffering from cancer, and the elderly,  at their homes through  counseling, provision of basic necessities to the vulnerable people for example food, provision of diagnostic and nursing care, health education about HIV/AIDS, physical care including provision of referrals to health units.

Home Based Care Givers Giving Care to the Sick