- March
Posted By : Kaira King
Grassroots women Trainer of Trainees.


Grassroots women Trainer of Trainees

Slum woman’s initiative for development trains trainers of trainees  picked by the grassroots women from the different groups they represent to act as agents of change. These TOTS support the organization  to pass on knowledge and information as well as grassroot women’s groups;

  • To continue member trainings with in their groups
  • To enhance team building/leadership
  • Enriches/ continuous sharing of  knowledge
  • Impress the trainees to continue learning
  • Reduce negativity among women groups
  • Problem solving with in the groups
  • Raise self esteem , confidence of the grassroot women
  • Follow up on promises from government and private sector
  • lobbying for the grassroot women groups
  • Support and agents of change