- December
Posted By : Kaira King

Peer to Peer learning between SWID grassroots women and the grassroots women of Kawempe Home Based Care Alliance. 20 women leaders participated. The aim of the peer exchange is to learn best practices and transfer to new communities. 20 grassroots women from SWID had a peer to peer learning with Kawempe Home Based Care Alliance. The aim of the peer to peer learning was to enhance grassroots women’s capacity to replicate best practices in their respective communities while aiming at increasing productivity from their activities. SWID women got experience with the following initiatives, tailoring and weaving Saving and credit, environment Resilient initiatives like recycling used glass bottles into other products like necklaces, bungles, lamp holders, sugar bowls, beads, make decoration from used bottles. The women also got experience in baking cakes as exhibited by Kawempe Home Based Care Alliance women. This enabled SWID women to diversify their income generating activities to recover from the effects of COVID-19.

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